xps_graphics_engine : 2D Small Logic Footprint Graphics Accelerator IP core

The xps_graphics_engine is a 2D graphics accelerator core. It accelerates typical 2D graphics operations, which frees up the main CPU for other tasks and enhances the viewer experience

Product key features:

The graphics engine uses a combination of dedicated graphics acceleration logic, a small footprint coprocessor and a PLB bus master attachment to render graphics. Using a command FIFO, commands containing instructions for rendering graphics primitives can be written by the host CPU, which will then be executed by the engine, while the host CPU can continue with other tasks. Special hardware blocks accelerate plotting of single pixels as well as bit block transfers. The programmable co-processor reads commands from the command FIFO and sets up the dedicated hardware for drawing pixels and performing bit block transfers (bitblt). The coprocessor program is preloaded with the standard software, but it can be reloaded via the control registers. The program currently provides the following graphics primitives:

Drawing primitives are performed using the currently selected mode and colour. The core allows for quick of-screen drawing in system memory, which can later be displayed for flicker free screen updates.